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Inspiration Abounds

It’s amazing how often I am reminded to work on my novel. Trees are everywhere, not just outside, but inside. I find them in art and literature, even in architecture. At Livia’s art show there were some paintings of trees, … Continue reading

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SITY: Spring!

When the crocuses got buried under the snow of several successive storms, I thought they were goners. They weren’t. I almost think the snow did them some good. They’re blooming like mad now. As I was taking these pictures, my … Continue reading

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Big Event

One of Livia’s pieces of artwork was chosen by her art teacher for a special showcase. We were invited to the opening of the showcase, which was being hosted by a local business. I wasn’t expecting anything big, so I … Continue reading

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My Fortune

My fortune from last night’s fortune cookie: Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.

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Death Can Wait

At 7:50, the time to which the alarm on my clock-radio is set, the local radio station is in the middle of announcing the obituaries. Death is not the subject I want to wake up to. It’s also not something … Continue reading

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It’s Snow Big Deal

School was cancelled yesterday due to an impending snowstorm, but that storm didn’t drop a single flake. Until this morning, that is. Now it is finally snowing, and the kids are at school. Somebody really messed that one up!

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Never Gonna Happen

Sometimes I think I’m getting close to defeating Laundry Mountain. Then I start to do some regular cleaning. I find clothes lying around in random places, and I strip the sheets from the beds. They will all have to be … Continue reading

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This Is a List

Below is a list of Barbara Michaels novels. I cobbled the list together from information I found at several websites. It looks as though Barbara Mertz published about a book per year under this pseudonym, for a total of twenty-nine. … Continue reading

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Stupid Coffee!

Poor Marshall. If he asks for anything in the morning, his parents are likely to answer, “Wait until I’m done drinking my coffee!” One morning, while said parents were leisurely drinking their coffee, he was heard to lament, “Why do … Continue reading

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It Could Have Been Worse

2018 hasn’t been a great year so far. Our cat died, then we all caught the flu, and then we had a nasty nor’easter that knocked our power out for 24 hours. I am thankful, though, that these things happened … Continue reading

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