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SITY: Wild Berries

Our yard is a mess, and we need to do some landscaping. So I asked myself, what should I think about planting around the edges of the yard? As if in answer, I found these. Clearly we ought to have … Continue reading

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Today’s Highlights

I got up early enough this morning to pack Livia a lunch for her field trip and to coat her in sunscreen before she left. Whew! After the kids left, I remembered to write my Morning Pages, and I could … Continue reading

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My Life This Week

1. My dishwasher has been out of commission for several days. The stack of unwashed dishes keeps growing, and I’m going a little crazy. It’s not that we can’t hand-wash our dishes (obviously I’ve had to wash some of them), … Continue reading

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More Ways Than One

I said the other day that I liked to watch all of the flying insects in my yard. That’s not technically accurate. I do not like mosquitoes, and I particularly dislike them when they come into my home to bite … Continue reading

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SITY: Green Bees

There is one species of insect that appears to be doing well in my yard this year: green bees. I saw many of them on Sunday while I was outside taking pictures. According to Wikipedia, green bees live in rotten … Continue reading

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SITY: Curious Wasp

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Ten Reasons to Finish My Novel (Even Though I Hate Writing)

1. Fame: Fame is a big reason why some people want to write a novel. Not me. I think fame sounds unpleasant. However, I wouldn’t mind being just successful enough to have a chance at meeting some authors who are … Continue reading

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Sacred Pens and Holy Notebooks

Speaking of “sacred pens” and “holy notebooks” . . . If you’re going to write a lot, you need a good pen. Some of my journal entries from 2017 have faded badly, perhaps because they were exposed, if only briefly, … Continue reading

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The Four “R’s” of Writing

Sometimes when I’m free-writing in my journals, I start to see relationships between words that I never noticed before. One day I found that you can put the homophones right/write/rite/write together to make a little piece of advice: It’s right … Continue reading

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Always Remembered

It’s dangerous to leave your journal lying around, because someone might read it. Or they might write in it! Hmmm. Maybe I should leave my journal laying around more often. Maybe it’s a good way to keep up with what’s … Continue reading

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