Always Remembered

It’s dangerous to leave your journal lying around, because someone might read it.

Or they might write in it!

Livia got a lot of blisters on her hands. Most of them did not pop, but two did. She had seven blisters in all! (shared with permission)

Hmmm. Maybe I should leave my journal laying around more often. Maybe it’s a good way to keep up with what’s going on in my daughter’s life! 😉

Not that the journal was necessary in this case. She had a really impressive crop of blisters on her hands. They were raw and painful.  She required hugs, bandages, and even some ibuprofen to get through the ordeal. And now, because she wrote it down, we will always remember it. That’s why we keep journals (and blogs), right?

P.S. I rewrote this post. Upon reflection, I felt that the original post could give the impression that I had disregarded Livia’s privacy. She allowed me to share her writing. The kids are both old enough now to choose whether or not I may share their art and writing. I even asked their permission before I posted my Mother’s Day gifts. For now, it amuses them to be included on my blog. If that ever changes, I guess I’ll just have to find other things to post about.

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