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That’s Rough

Yesterday, as I was looking something up in the dictionary, I stumbled across this beautiful-sounding word: furfuraceous. Doesn’t it seem soft and furry? Don’t you just want to cuddle with it? Probably not. “Furfuraceous” has nothing to do with fur. … Continue reading

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Angry Voter Here

When it comes to voting, I’ve always tried to keep an open mind and not make judgments based solely on a candidate’s age, appearance, race, religion, gender, or political party. To put it another way, I’ve always sincerely tried to … Continue reading

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Even I Am Skipping Holidays

I started Christmas shopping today. Not deliberately. It just sort of happened. Sorry, Halloween and Thanksgiving!

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10 Quotes, Plus One More for Good Measure

One thing I enjoyed about Three Things You Need to Know About Rockets by Jessica A. Fox was that the author included a quote at the head of every chapter. Before giving the book away, I paged through it and … Continue reading

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Planning Ahead

Reading plans for the remainder of the year: Finish rereading the Harry Potter series. I’m currently about 250 pages into The Goblet of Fire. Finish reading the bookshop-themed books that I took out of the library: The Bookshop on the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

People who hold the door open are ultimately the ones at the end of the line. —Faithful Reader on why it’s mostly only assholes who get to such heights in the system that they can be nominated for the Supreme … Continue reading

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Essays and Elisions

We Learn Nothing by Tim Kreider Grade: B+ Tim Kreider is an essayist and cartoonist, and We Learn Nothing is a collection of essays and related cartoons. The book begins with the essay “Reprieve,” which is about how he felt … Continue reading

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Inky Depths

From The New York Times, August 16, 2018, by Ben Dolnick: “War With the Newts,” published in 1936, is a funny, bizarre, dystopian masterpiece, and [its author Karel Capek] deserves a place on the Mount Rushmore of authorial seers, right … Continue reading

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More Birthday Gifts

If Paul Manafort makes a plea deal on your birthday, it’s your Birthday Plea Deal. My husband is jealous, because he didn’t get any plea deals on his birthday. He’s hoping, though, that someone will get him a Birthday Impeachment … Continue reading

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SITY: Birthday Spider

If you see a spider on your birthday, then it’s a Birthday Spider. This is my Birthday Spider. He was green (my favorite color), and he made this beautiful web.  

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