That’s Rough

Yesterday, as I was looking something up in the dictionary, I stumbled across this beautiful-sounding word: furfuraceous. Doesn’t it seem soft and furry? Don’t you just want to cuddle with it?

Probably not. “Furfuraceous” has nothing to do with fur. It comes from furfur, the Latin word for “bran,” and it means “of, containing, or resembling bran,” or “scaly.”

Ugh! It’s like asking for a kitten and getting a crocodile. It’s like snuggling up to a soft blanket and coming away with a rash. I don’t like its deceptiveness, and honestly, I have no need for it. There are other words that work just as well. Maybe I’m being a little rough on it, but better rough than furfuraceous! 😉

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