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Thanks, Me

Present-Day Me is tired and struggling to keep up and only realized today that tomorrow is December 1, which means it’s time to start the Advent calendar. Uh-oh! Luckily, Former Me was thinking ahead when she put the Advent Calendar … Continue reading

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Christmas To-Do List

Survive Thanksgiving Finish and order photo album Finish and order holiday card Make an Advent schedule (12/14 update: winging it.) Make and print Advent tickets (12/14 update: winging it.) Buy Advent gifts Set up tree Decorate tree Plan Christmas menu … Continue reading

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It’s Not Friday Until It’s Friday

Dear Retailers: If your “Black Friday Deals start today,” they’re not Black Friday Deals, because it’s Wednesday. You don’t get to erase entire days of the year. I know you really want my Christmas dollars, but Friday is literally just … Continue reading

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Natural-Born Punner

Livia: Your room looks so much better now. Mommy: Thanks. Your dad and I were sick of having a messy room. We don’t want to live like that anymore. Livia: Me neater. Get it? Neater.

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Note to Self

Things never to buy again: crayons, markers, colored pencils, gel pens, and erasers. Today I found so many of these things that I doubt we’ll ever be able to use them all up. The kids must have been hiding them … Continue reading

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Living in a Bookcase

This morning I woke up in my new bed. I looked up at the shelves behind my head and reached up to touch them. It must have seemed like a strange thing to do, because my husband asked what I … Continue reading

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Precious Words

Marshall: Can I have a Pop Tart? Mommy: No. You don’t need any extra treats. You’ve had two pieces of Halloween candy every day for weeks. That’s too many treats. Marshall: I’m not going to break the pattern now. Mommy: … Continue reading

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Reading News

Finally, some reading news to report! I had decided to read Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan because Marshall was reading it for his English class. His teacher had extra copies of the book, which she offered to parents, and … Continue reading

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More Work to Do

I slept in my own bedroom last night for the first time in weeks. It had been so long since we used the room that I felt as if I were in a completely new place as I was getting … Continue reading

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Two Universes

I’m living in two universes simultaneously: one in which Christmas is not allowed to exist until after Thanksgiving so don’t you dare talk holiday to me already, and one in which I’ve already started Christmas shopping and have been watching … Continue reading

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