Pacedos and Other Things

Dear Kids,

We took down the Christmas tree on Saturday. As we removed the ornaments, Marshall kept commenting on how the tree was looking less and less beautiful. He didn’t seem unhappy about it. On the contrary, he enjoyed the whole process, but particularly taking the branches off and piling them by size. He was also eager to use his new vacuum cleaner on the area where the tree had been, but he had to wait until everything had been cleared away. He was impatient about it, asking over and over again if he could vacuum yet. Finally, I said, “Is that all you care about?” He considered this question carefully, then replied, “No. I care about TV, too.”

As for the TV, you’ve been watching a lot of movies on it lately. ET did not impress you. Marshall said that he only liked “the good parts” of The Wizard of Oz. You both adore the Barbie version of Thumbelina, though. After watching it, Marshall hunted all over our house for Thumbelina, insisting she must be here somewhere. He even resisted going to bed that night, because he wanted to keep looking for her. He never did find her, but now, when anything is amiss in the house, he throws the blame on her. “Thumbelina did it!” he exclaims.

Livia was not feeling well over the weekend. She didn’t have much interest in food or moving around, and her forehead was warm to the touch. We figured she had a virus. This morning she was in a terrible mood, which we took to mean that she hadn’t gotten enough rest, so we decided to keep her home from school. It’s a good thing we did, because about fifteen minutes after she would have gotten on the bus, she threw up all over the kitchen counter. She’s a kid, though, so she was eating yogurt-covered pretzels and acting like her usual self within a few hours.

But this evening she complained that she still wasn’t feeling well.

Livia: I need medicine of some kind.
Daddy: How about jelly bean medicine?
Mommy: Yes, a jelly bean pill would help.
Livia: Is that real?
Mommy: Yes, it’s called a “placebo.”
Marshall: Can I have a pacedo, too?

I hope Livia will feel better after taking her placebo. I just asked her how her tummy was and she said, “Kinda good.” Then she asked for some Cheez-Its. I think she’s going to be OK.



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  1. sprite says:

    I was just reading an essay about someone who says that when she’s about to get sick she becomes filled with abysmally low self-esteem. She said she talked with a bunch of people who said that they also had emotional/psychological responses to coming down with an illness. I found it interesting, because I’ve realized over the last few years that I get ragey as I’m coming down with something.

    I’m glad to hear Livia is on the mend.

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