Snow Power

Last year, Marshall really wanted to build snowmen and go sledding, so he wished for snow. He kept on wishing, and we got snowstorm after snowstorm. We even joked that he was causing the snowy weather (ha-ha!). Then the winter ended, and we forgot all about it.

This winter, we’d gotten so little snow, and the kids were so bummed that I suggested we all wish for snow. I thought it would cheer them up. So together we chanted, “I wish for more snow. I wish for more snow. I WISH FOR MORE SNOW!”

Now there’s a blizzard outside, a storm so big and powerful that the media were calling it “crippling” and “historic” before it even hit. Five states have declared a state of emergency.

My apologies to the entire Northeast. I really am sorry, but it’s not as if we could have known that we wielded the power of snow and storm and that our combined efforts would have led to this. I mean, that’s not normal.

Yeah, I know you’re all thinking, “No way. You’re deluded. No one controls the weather.”

And all I can say is that you better hope that’s true, because you know what Marshall said this morning? “I wish for more snow. I wish for more snow. I WISH FOR MORE SNOW!”

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