Snow Month

It’s snowing again today. I love watching the snow fall, and in other circumstances I’d be outside walking in it. But there’s already so much snow on the ground that walking would be difficult. Snow wading is what it would be.

This particular storm is only supposed to drop 1-3 inches. However, we’re supposed to get another 6-10 inches early next week. That storm might spoil the party we have planned for Sunday. I hope it won’t, but most people prefer to huddle at home when it snows, not travel to parties. C’est la vie.

We had been blaming Marshall for our excess snow, because he won’t stop wishing for more. But now my husband claims that I’m the cause. According to him, I jinxed us. You see, toward the end of January my husband commented about how we’d had so little snow this winter, and I replied, “Wait until February. February is the snow month.”

I can’t see how that could have jinxed anything. If I’d said that we never get snow in February, then maybe. That would have been a jinxy thing to say. But all I did was state a fact that anyone living in this area of New England ought to know by now. February is the snow month!

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