There is nothing like a big, evenly-divisible-by-five anniversary to make one realize the passage of time. I have several special anniversaries this year. The biggest are these:

  • 25 years since my high-school graduation year (had I actually graduated)
  • 20 years since college graduation and since I started my job (who stays at a job for 20 years anymore?)
  • 15 years since meeting my husband and quitting smoking

It is also alarming to realize that I’ve lived in Rhode Island for 8 years (though I still feel, to some extent, like I belong in CT), and that I’ll be celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary in the fall. The elder of my two children will turn 6 this year.

Time flies. No, it’s worse than that. It wings away before we can even catch our breath and take in the view!

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