Much Ado About Nothing

I got a call from the school nurse today. She said that Marshall’s eye was bright red, and that he was crying and complaining about pain. She was almost certain that it was pinkeye. She asked me to come pick him up, and she said that he’d need to start on antibiotics tonight or he wouldn’t be able to go to school tomorrow, which would be horrible, because that’s when they’re having the big end-of-school celebration. Oh, no! So I made an emergency appointment with the doctor, then went to the school to pick him up.

He seemed fine when I got there. His eye wasn’t even red. As we were getting into the car, I said, “So tell me what happened.” He said, “Well, first I accidentally poked myself in the eye….”

Ha-ha. It wasn’t pinkeye. It was poke-eye!

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