Mystery Flower #11

I haven’t had the opportunity to do much walking lately, so I’ve had to take my inspiration from closer to home. This fragrant-flowered bush grows in my backyard. I hope you like the picture because it cost me three mosquito bites!

Mystery Flower 11

My best guess at the identity of this plant is in the comments.

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2 Responses to Mystery Flower #11

  1. chick says:

    This is most likely sweet pepperbush, a.k.a. poorman’s soap, fisherman’s soap plant, summersweet, and white alder. The soap-related names come from the fact that the flowers were once used as a soap substitute in New England. If you crush the flowers together with some water, they supposedly form a lather (see the “Dictionary of American Regional English”). I’ll have to try it some time.

    Unlike many of my Mystery Flowers, sweet pepperbush is not a reviled plant. The flowers smell good and attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds, so some people deliberately grow it in their gardens.

  2. chick says:

    We tried rubbing it with some water and it didn’t seem very soapy 🙁

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