Write Down the Stories of Your Life

I was saddened to hear that Amy Krouse Rosenthal died today. I really enjoyed her Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. It not only inspired me enough to write a positive review, but also enough to write a second post about the book and my reaction to it. Later, when I saw that she had written a children’s book called Uni the Unicorn, I had to buy it. It’s a beautiful book about a unicorn who believes in little girls, and a little girl who believes in unicorns, and all the things they would to together if they met. Livia and I both love the part that says, “And of course of course of course they would slide down rainbows together.” Because of course!

If there is a message to take from this sad news, I guess it would be what I wrote six years ago in my review: “I liked Amy’s encyclopedia. I recommend it. I also heartily encourage others to follow her lead. Write down the stories of your life!”

So write down the stories of your life. Write them down, because they matter, and because no one but you can write them. And start today, because you don’t know how long it will take you, or how much time you’ll have.

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