Showcase of Learning

Dear Livia,

Yesterday was your kindergarten class’s Showcase of Learning and Habitats. It was one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the school year. We had already been looking forward to it for weeks, and then it got postponed several times due to snow. Oh, the agony of waiting! But finally the weather cooperated, and your father and I were both able to attend.

On display were various animal artifacts, including owl pellets, a bag o’ blubber, and animal bones. Then there were the things that you and your classmates had created, including stories, paintings, wolves made of dryer lint, and salmon ladders made out of blocks.  There was also a large woodland habitat constructed out of cardboard and paper.

Stuffed animals were welcome, and some of them were perched in the habitat. Mousy Wousy, Owly, and Chippy were there. Chippy was very popular. All the kids knew him and liked him, and played with him. His grubbiness is a testament to his popularity as an animal companion.

You had told us that your class would be singing a song, so we waited and waited. It was getting late and people were starting to leave, so we asked the teacher if you were going to sing. She said, “Oh. That’s the second request. Yeah, we can sing!” So she gathered you all together and as a group you sang “The Fox Went out on a Chilly Night” while she accompanied you on the autoharp.

If I hadn’t already thought your teacher was old-fashioned, the autoharp would have done it. I probably hadn’t seen an autoharp since I was in grade school during the ’70s. It was beautifully nostalgic.

Your teacher is old-fashioned in other ways, too, all good. The modern obsession with academics bothers me, and I’m convinced that Marshall hated kindergarten because there wasn’t enough play. Your teacher focuses on play, and nature activities, and singing. She’s always introducing you to new things, including power tools! You like her, of course, but you have no idea how lucky you are to have her as your teacher. I am happy for you.

We had so much fun at your Showcase of Learning. Thank you for putting on such a good show!



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