Busy, Busy Tooth Fairy

Dear Kids,

You kept the Tooth Fairy busy this year. You lost a lot of teeth, and you lost them often. Livia once lost two teeth in the same week. There was even one night in April when you each lost a tooth. What were the odds of that happening? Not high! But it did happen, and we have pictures of you standing together, showing off your brand-new, gappy smiles.

On vacation Livia lost a tooth, and then she really lost the tooth (dropped it down the sink drain!). There was no hope of rescuing the tooth, which meant that she couldn’t put it under her pillow. She wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy instead. The Tooth Fairy replied, and even left a gift. What a nice Tooth Fairy!

One time, Marshall really wanted to lose a tooth before his field trip. He was afraid that he would lose it on the trip, and then he wouldn’t get a special tooth holder for it. The tooth was super loose the night before, so we convinced him to yank it out. He got $7 from the Tooth Fairy that night, which had seemed like a random amount (perhaps the amount that was in someone’s wallet?). But, as Marshall informed us, it was because he was 7 years old. Duh.

Actually, Marshall wanted to keep his teeth. Every time he lost a new one, he debated whether or not to leave it for the Tooth Fairy. Ultimately he gave most of them to her, but he did keep a few for himself. I asked him where those teeth are. He has no idea. I hope he finds them. After all, those things are worth money, maybe as much as $8 each, now!



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