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The Mirror Crack’d (a.k.a. The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side) by Agatha Christie
Grade: A-

The new world was the same as the old. The houses were different, the streets were called Closes, the clothes were different, the voices were different, but the human beings were the same as they always had been. And though using slightly different phraseology, the subjects of conversation were the same.

In The Mirror Crack’d, Miss Marple has gotten much older. She doesn’t get out as much as she used to, and she needs someone to look after her at home, but her mind is as keen as ever. Though the world has changed around her, human nature is still the same, and Miss Marple knows a thing or two about human nature…

When a movie star buys an estate near St. Mary Mead and opens up her house for a charity event, everyone is excited to go. Among those to attend is one of her biggest fans, and when that fan is murdered shortly after her arrival, Scotland Yard calls upon Miss Marple to help solve the crime.

The movie star was clearly based on a real-life actress, one whose story is relatively famous, so I was able to figure out the identity of the murderer almost immediately, but it did not spoil my enjoyment of the book, hence the A-.

Here is a list of the terms I had not heard before.

bumph (or bumf) : informal British term for useless or uninteresting printed material, such as advertisements and official documents; shortened from “Bum fodder,” its original meaning was toilet paper.

chivvy: to pester or harass someone or urge them to do something they don’t want to do.

marquee: in Britain, a large tent used for social functions.

scrum: informal British term for a disorderly crowd

Ted: in ’50s and ’60s Britain, a young man who listens to rock ‘n’ roll and dresses in a modified Edwardian style; also called a “Teddy boy.”

And here is the Marplethon list as it stands now.


  1. 4.50 From Paddington
  2. The Affair at the Bungalow
  3. Agatha Christie’s Marple The Life and Times
  4. At Bertram’s Hotel
  5. The Bloodstained Pavement
  6. The Blue Geranium
  7. The Body in the Library
  8. A Caribbean Mystery
  9. The Case of the Caretaker
  10. The Case of the Perfect Maid
  11. A Christmas Tragedy
  12. The Companion
  13. Death by Drowning
  14. The Four Suspects
  15. Greenshaw’s Folly
  16. The Herb of Death
  17. The Idol House of Astarte
  18. Ingots of Gold
  19. The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side
  20. Miss Marple Tells a Story
  21. Miss Marple’s Final Cases
  22. Motive vs. Opportunity
  23. The Moving Finger
  24. The Murder at the Vicarage
  25. A Murder Is Announced
  26. Nemesis
  27. A Pocket Full of Rye
  28. Sanctuary
  29. Sleeping Murder
  30. Strange Jest
  31. Tape-Measure Murder
  32. They Do It With Mirrors
  33. The Thirteen Problems
  34. Three Blind Mice and Other Stories
  35. The Thumb Mark of St. Peter
  36. The Tuesday Night Club

Next up is They Do It With Mirrors (a.k.a. Murder With Mirrors)

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