Before November

I’m giving some thought to joining NaNoWriMo this year. It’s the first year since Marshall was born that I feel like I could possibly have time. I certainly feel the itch to write!

I’m not sure I want to follow their rules and restrict myself to just their type of writing during one particular month, though. I’ve decided to postpone that particular decision until the last moment. But whether I join officially or not, I want to free up as much time for writing in November as possible.

In order to clear the way, there are some tasks that I need to take on now. I already wrote a letter of dispute over an excessively high medical bill. I finished the first volume of my nature book (the printout is en route as we speak!). I am tackling Laundry Mountain right now. I have already started Christmas shopping. So things are looking good.

But I still need to…

  1. Pay the regular bills and follow up on that disputed bill.
  2. Write blog posts about the kids so that I’ll have something to include in my year-end photo album
  3. Sort through the pictures I took this year and choose the ones I want in our year-end photo album. This is critical not only for the small, shared version of the album, which must be completed early in December, but also for our Christmas card.
  4. Get everyone’s Halloween costumes ready.

November, here I come!

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  1. sprite says:

    Good job on all the progress you’ve made!

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