It’s a Law

We woke up this morning and found that we had no electricity. The kids had to eat cold cereal and drink bottled water for breakfast. After putting them on the school bus, my hubby and I went out for coffee.

When we got back home, my hubby asked what I was going to do. Normally at that time of morning I’d go online, check the news, and read my Facebook and Twitter feeds. That wasn’t an option with the wi-fi out. So my choices were to write, take a walk, play the piano, or go to work without any Internet access.

It was too early to start working. We suspected, though, that the other three choices would be subject to Murphy’s Law. Choosing any one of them was likely to bring back the power immediately, which would spoil all the fun.

Such a conundrum! I hesitated, hoping that the power would come back right then and spare me the choice. It didn’t, though, and time was a-wasting. I had to make a decision.

I chose writing. I ran upstairs, grabbed my notebook, and headed toward my desk. I was about three feet away when the lights flicked on.

Murphy’s Law—it’s not for nothing that it’s called a law!

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