Memento Mori

I went into my daughter’s room to get her up this morning. She was sitting on her bed, sorting through her Pokemon cards. Among the Pokemon tins was one smaller, different tin. She told me I could open it, so I did. Inside was a necklace with beads that spelled out the word MOM. Aw!

I said, “Oh, is this for me?”

“No,” she replied.

Huh. That was not the answer I had expected. “But is says `Mom’ on it. Are you sure it’s not for me?”

“It’s for me,” she said. “To remind me of you when you’re dead.”

She went on to explain that she doesn’t want me to die. It’s just that she wants to be able to remember me if I do. That sounds reasonable, and kind of sweet. I’m not planning to die any time soon, but it is nice to know that, if I do, there’s someone who wants to remember me.

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