Her Holiday List

One evening before Christmas I was talking to my mom about Christmas lists. Livia came into the room. She must have liked what she heard of my half of the conversation. Unbeknownst to me, she started making her own Christmas list on my desk calendar. I found it later. It said,

Jnastick stuf and a tablit and a baby elafint and 40 glow sticks and Barbye moves and a chare and somping soft and some pens so at she can mack a culoring boock and some morckors and thats it for noaw. (Translation: gymnastic stuff and a tablet and a baby elephant and 40 glow sticks and Barbie movies and a chair and something soft and some pens so that she can make a coloring book and some markers and that’s it for now.)

Livia is the kind of girl who knows what she wants. She often gets what she wants, too. Many of these items showed up under the Christmas tree for her, lucky girl!

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