Here’s to 2018

Not that I keep track of bad years and label them as such in my memory, but had I done so, I suspect that 2017 would sit at the very top of the list. Every year will have its share of personal, national, and international tragedies. This year not only brought a boatload of terrible happenings, but it lacked what was necessary to manage them. We had a president and a Republican-dominated Congress seemingly determined to destroy all that is good about this country. We needed sanity, wisdom, and unity, but what we got was a government actively working against the best interests of its citizens, the people of the world, and the environment. And we, the People, took sides. We were divided and angry, and we punished each other for it.

In other words, 2017 was a shitty year. Please forgive my French. I rarely swear here on the blog, but this year was so bad that nothing but a vulgar term could describe it adequately.

Enough said. We don’t need to dwell. Instead of thinking about how bad 2017 was, let’s all wish for a better 2018. If we wish hard enough, maybe our wishes will come true. And let’s work for it, too. If we all work hard enough, surely we can make it a better year.

Good-bye, 2017!

Hello, 2018!

Happy New Year to all!

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