Our Christmas Tree

Dear Kids,

Every time I look at our Christmas tree from a certain angle, I can see that not only is the tree leaning noticeably to one side, but the star on top is crooked. From every angle it is clear that the ornaments are not evenly distributed on the tree. Some branches have multiple ornaments, while others have none.

I could change all of these things. My mother would have. She would have made my father straighten up the tree and fix the star on top. Then she would have rearranged the ornaments, as she always used to do after my brother and I finished putting them on.

I usually do those things, too. This year I decided to let the tree be. The only ornaments I relocated were the breakable ones that looked like they might be at risk of falling. I did this as much for you as for me. You were worried about breaking ornaments. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do while decorating a Christmas tree, it’s worry. So I asked, “What happens every year?” And you answered, “We break an ornament!” Why worry about the inevitable, right? (Actually, we haven’t broken one yet this year. Our glass Rudolph jumped off the tree and hit the floor hard enough to shatter, but somehow it stayed in one piece!)

I left everything else alone because I like it the way it is. I like that the tree and star are crooked. It looks natural. I like that the ornaments are placed the way you wanted them. I’m happy to have children in my house and happy to have them decorate our tree. You made this Christmas. I love it, and I love you.


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