One Year and Counting

Exactly one year ago, my Faithful Reader and I got married. We had no idea, as we vowed to support each other through thick and thin, that our duo was about to become a trio, and that things were going to get very thick, particularly my waist. Our honeymoon year has consequentially been a little stressful, and sometimes our marriage has taken a back burner to parenthood, but I hope you know, Faithful Reader, that I love you and that I’m happy with our life together. Other people might not think a one-year anniversary is particularly exciting, but I’m proud of the way we’ve stuck together, and I never take it for granted. Thanks for spending this year with me.

Happy Anniversary!

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1 Response to One Year and Counting

  1. Faithful Reader says:

    I love you dearly.

    They are simple words but true words. This past year was filled with days I never want to forget and every one of those days was because of you. You make me happy and I’m looking forward to many more Sunday brunches together.


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