The Latest Phase

Dear Kids,

You love Minecraft. You play Minecraft on your tablets. You watch Minecraft videos on YouTube. You play with Minecraft toys. You even read Minecraft books, both fiction and nonfiction.

In short, you’re Minecraft addicts.

Your father and I are amazed by how much you know about the game. Your Minecraft vocabulary is quite extensive. It’s especially impressive given that you still can’t seem to retain terms for everyday things. If you can remember the difference between “enderman”and “wither” then you should be able to remember the difference between “living room” and “dining room!” 🙂

I don’t know much about the game. I have a vague understanding of things like creepers, diamond swords, the Nether, and Herobrine. I enjoy listening to you talk about it, but I don’t really get it, so I do a lot of nodding and smiling.

When you’re playing, you’re totally absorbed in that world. I don’t pay much attention, but sometimes I hear you talking while you play. Once I heard Livia say adoringly, “Oooh, a baby chicken!” I figured it must have been a really cute chick. Then she exclaimed, “I better kill it!”

What kind of game is this?!?!

Another time I overheard this exchange:

Livia: Why do you like explosions so much?

Marshall: Because they satisfy me.

I guess Marshall blows up a lot of things in his Minecraft games. The video-game violence sometimes gives me pause, but I have spoken to you about it, and you are well aware of the difference between real life and video games. You like nukes in Minecraft, but not in real life. You even made “No nukes!” signs to hang around the house. (Well, actually the signs said “No nucks,” but close enough!)

Minecraft is just the latest phase, though. It will soon be replaced by something else, perhaps something that will make me nostalgic for the Minecraft days. I know that you have to change and grow, but forgive me if I sometimes wish you were still into Curious George.



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