The Art of Art

Dear Kids,

This year you both showed off your artistic talents. You made quite a bit of art for us. Some of it has been displayed. The rest is in piles and boxes. I hope to sort through it and find the best pieces for the photo album. For now, suffice it to say that you created many beautiful things.

Livia used to love coloring books, but at some point her focus turned from coloring them to creating them. She made several in imitation of Johanna Basford’s series of coloring books. Livia named her collections with words like “Lost” and “Secret.” Some of the detail work was quite stunning.

Marshall also made a coloring book and photocopied the pages so that we could color them. His work featured multi-headed creatures who can, like Godzilla, shoot killing rays out of their mouths. There were several different types of killing rays, and Marshall was happy to explain the differences to me. That’s one of the things I love about Marshall’s art. There’s always a story behind it.

The best thing, though, was that two art sales opened up in our living room. Livia’s was first. She made a sign that said, “Did you know at Livia’s art sale you can get surpizis and gifs? Well we are open for 3 hawers!” Livia’s art was expensive, and you had to be careful to ask for the price upfront. I learned to haggle with her. For example, she had some miniature paper snowmen that that she was originally selling for $1 each. I talked her down to four for a dollar, which worked out well for Grampa. He bought a batch while he was here for Christmas. For the record, I’m not saying that her art isn’t worth what she wants to charge for it. I’m just saying that her prices limit our ability to buy her work!

Not to be outdone, Marshall also made an art studio. Marshall’s sign said, “Marshall’s Art Sale. We’re open almost all day! And every picture is $1!! And free shipping!!! You can get anything Marshall can draw! So come on down to Marshall’s art sale!!!!!”

I made many purchases from both art sales. It was money well spent. I was 100% satisfied with all of my purchases. You are my favorite artists!



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