Weather Bomb

Today’s word is “bombogenesis.” Bombogenesis is when a midlatitude cyclone gets really strong really fast, transforming into a “bomb cyclone.” From what I understand, neither “bombogenesis” nor “bomb cyclone” is a technical term, but they sound interesting/scary, so people like to use them. We’re in the middle of a bomb cyclone right now, which the weather people say is like a hurricane with snow. The snow is falling thick and visibility is limited. No blizzard conditions yet, but we haven’t reached the peak of the storm. Our power is currently on. I hope it stays that way. If it goes out and stays out, we’ll be in big trouble. Temps are expected to drop into the single digits tonight and go negative both Friday and Saturday night. I am crossing my fingers now, while they are still warm enough to move.

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2 Responses to Weather Bomb

  1. sprite says:

    Keeping my fingers for a quiet (relative term, I know) weathering of the storm for you and our folks.

  2. chick says:

    So far, so good, but we will not rest easy until this weekend is over. Glad to hear that your car passed inspection. Pretty impressive!

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