I, Driver

I saw some car-related questions in an “Interesting Facts About Me” quiz that was making the rounds on Facebook, and I thought I’d answer them here. I’m not sure these are particularly interesting facts about me. It’s just that cars are very much on my mind these days.

  1. Can you parallel park? In a pinch. I learned how to in preparation for my driver’s test. Though I ultimately didn’t have to show off my skill for the test, I have used it several times since. I’m fairly good at it. I’d just rather avoid it.
  2. Can you drive stick? Sort of. While I was in college, my friend drove to Boston to pick me up so that we could hang out for the weekend. She was too tired to drive us back to Connecticut, and she insisted that I drive. I wasn’t too keen on the idea. Her truck had a manual transmission, and I’d only ever driven automatics. She reasoned that since most of the trip would take place on the highway, all I would have to do was get the truck up to highway speed, and then it would be smooth sailing. It was terrifying to be cruising down the entrance ramp of the highway and not knowing if I’d be able to get the truck into gear. I did it, though. So if all you need me to do is get up to highway speed, then sure, I can drive stick.
  3. What is your dream car? One that works! My car is broken, and I’m going stir-crazy! Any working car (with an automatic transmission) would seem pretty good to me right now.
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