The Adventure of Peeps: Part IV

OK, so it’s Wednesday and not Sunday. I’m bad. I admit it. But here is the next installment of the story, better late than never. For the first part of the story, click here.

“Because there’s a party in the forest tonight and I want to look my best! Say,” said the toad. “Do you want to go to the party with me? You would look quite elegant in your thick fur, if you tidied up a bit.” Peeps’s usually beautiful coat was matted and full of leaves and twigs from her mad dash through the woods.

“But I need to find my way home!” cried Peeps.

“Of course,” said the toad. “The party is for Old King Fisher. If anyone can help you get home again, it’s the king. Come with me and we’ll ask for his help.”

It was agreed. Peeps would accompany the toad to the party and he would speak to the king on her behalf. While Peeps cleaned her fur, the toad hopped into the woods and when he returned, he was carrying some evening primroses. He tied the yellow flowers next to Peeps’s ear with a bright blue ribbon. “Now you are a vision of beauty, Madam Cat. Let us go dancing!”

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