Stories from 2017

Dear Kids,

Here are some stories about you.

Marshall went through a phase of thanking us for everything. For example, one day there was a turkey in the yard. I showed it to him, and afterward he solemnly said, “Thank you for telling me about the turkey, Mommy.” He thanked me for everyday things, such as doing the laundry, and he thanked Daddy for mowing the lawn. It was sweet.

Livia loves to make books. I find them randomly strewn all over the house. Some of them are coloring books. Some are sequels to her favorite books by other authors (for example, “Big Bubble 2” was floating around for a while). And some of them are stories that she wrote and illustrated for herself, such as “Cat Girl.” She doesn’t always finish them, sadly, and some of them are rather dangerously stapled, but I treasure them all. I am absolutely blown away by her creativity and her passion for making art.

Marshall always says, “I love you more than you love me.” I always reply, “Not possible.” Then he says, “And don’t say that it’s not possible, because I do love you more than you love me.” This argument sometimes goes on for a while. One thing is for sure: there’s a lot of love in this house!



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