Accidentally Purplish

Last Saturday I took the kids to an Easter egg hunt. It was a sunny day, the kids found a lot of eggs, and Livia got to play with her best friends from school. We had a good time.

But April is the start of tick season and since we had all walked through grass during the hunt, I decided to wash our clothing when we got home. Big mistake. When I opened up the washing machine, everything I had washed in that light-colored load was tinged with purple. Purple! How could this happen?

Well, at the Easter to-do, the kids ate some cookies, and I grabbed a napkin with which to wipe the crumbs off their faces. There wasn’t a trash can handy, so afterward I shoved that vividly purple napkin into the pocket of my brand-new jacket. I’m usually good about checking pockets before I throw things into the wash, but I somehow forgot to check that particular one. Oops.

I think it’s fair to say that clothing ought to be truly purple or not purple at all, never merely purplish. A touch of purple just makes things look dingy. My brand-new jacket and shirt, plus several other assorted garments, are now an ugly, not-quite-purple color. Chlorine bleach doesn’t work well here (thanks to the metal content of our well water), and the non-chlorine bleach that I tried was ineffective. The clothes will never look quite right again.

Who would have thought that one forgotten 5×5 square of disposable paper could be so destructive?

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2 Responses to Accidentally Purplish

  1. sprite says:

    Maybe you could rewash them with several more napkins and overdye them?

  2. chick says:

    Ha-ha. I have to admit, that is an approach I had not considered! 🙂

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