Mysterious and Slow

There was an Internet discussion recently about books from the ’80s. Piers Anthony was mentioned. I read many of his books when I was a teenager. He was both popular and prolific (if I remember correctly, he claimed to write 10,000 words per day). He wrote several series, but the one he was best known for was Xanth.

Thinking about the Xanth books reminded me of a particular day, maybe ten years ago. I was just sitting around, thinking about nothing in particular, when suddenly I had a strange epiphany. I said to myself, Xanth is the sound in-between “Piers” and “Anthony”: “Pier-Xanth-ony.”

Whoa! That was so clever of him. And duh! Why did it take me 20 years to figure that out? And why did my brain care enough after 20 years to figure it out at all? I don’t know. Even now, I marvel over the randomness of it. The mind works in mysterious (and sometimes very slow) ways!

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