Three Times Happy

I got my car back last Monday. I am thrilled to have my freedom again. I also have two other reasons to be happy about it.

  1. Just days before, our mechanic had informed us that the replacement part didn’t fix the problem. That meant that our two supposed “experts” had both misdiagnosed the problem. Geez. Even worse, someone (presumably one of the two) had done some damage while they were poking around. So, not only was my car still not drivable, but it was no longer worth fixing, and we had just spent hundreds for nothing. But then our luck changed unexpectedly. Since the car wasn’t drivable, we didn’t pick it up right away, and on a slow day the mechanic had nothing better to do than to puzzle over the mystery of why it wasn’t working. He eventually found the cause and was able to fix it. So the bad news was turned to good news, and everyone was happy.
  2. My car tax bill arrived the next day. It was amazingly low! I’m not sure exactly how many hundreds we’re saving by not buying a new car, but it takes some of the sting out of the repair bill. Plus, Rhode Island is in the process of phasing out the car tax. That means we’ll be able to save hundreds more if we can delay buying a new car for a few more years. Fingers crossed!
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