The Essential Scrunchie

How old was I when I learned to put my own hair in a ponytail? It’s something I do often now, so it’s hard to imagine a time when I didn’t know how. I don’t think anyone ever taught me. I probably learned from watching others, and it might not have been until my teens or early twenties, after scrunchies had became popular and readily available. Scrunchies were a game changer. (I love scrunchies!)

In any event, being able to put one’s hair in a ponytail is an essential skill for anyone with long hair. That much I know for sure. So yesterday I taught Livia how to do it. She was aggravated at me for insisting on the lesson, and frustrated that she couldn’t get it right. But later, on her own, she practiced until she figured it out. Then she happily showed off her new skill as if it had been her intention all along to become an expert.

I’m always telling her, “You ought to wear your hair back. You’ll be more comfortable.” Especially at this time of year, who needs all that hair clinging to their neck and hanging in their face? She usually doesn’t want me to put her hair back, though, probably because I suck at it. But this morning, without any suggestion from me, she put her own hair in a ponytail before leaving for day camp.

Woohoo! I’m thrilled. It’s a small thing, but it’s a step toward independence.

I’d better keep an eye on my scrunchies, though. She’s already appropriated one of my favorites!

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