Day Off

There’s nothing like a day off from work when you’re resolved not to waste time. I’ve already . . .

  1. Done the dishes.
  2. Done laundry.
  3. Taken a walk along the side of the road to check out the huge mass of wild grapes that I’ve noticed when driving by.

    This grapevine is taking over.

    I’ve heard people talk about “kudzu monsters.” This here is a grapevine monster.

    I actually walked farther than I had meant to, because the rocks and wild plants made me feel, as they often do, like I’m on vacation in some wonderful, isolated locale. On the other side of the road, I checked the swampy area for interesting flowers. It’s long past time for the wild irises, sadly, but the sweet pepperbush was in bloom, and it smelled divine.

    Almost all of the shrubs in this picture are sweet pepperbush. Their white flowers are attractive and smell great.

  4. Played my piano. I even tried out a few modern pieces that I’ve never played before.
  5. Posted a couple of blog posts.
  6. Photographed a dragonfly who was using one of our hostas as a perch between insect-hunting forays. If you think that this picture looks like others that I’ve posted before, that’s because it’s probably very much like others that I’ve posted before. I love taking pictures of dragonflies on hostas!

    Here is the dragonfly resting between snacks. His name is Philippe, in case you were wondering.

  7. Driven to BJs to buy some odds and ends.

My hubby and the kids won’t be back until at least 5:00, so I’ve got some time to myself now. I think that I shall fill up my little pool and relax outside with a book. I hope that you are enjoying your day, too!

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