Decisions, Decisions

I am always hearing about books that I might like. Of the ones I hear about, only a fraction still seem good after shopping for them online and reading the reviews. That’s a good thing, though. I’d never find time to read them all.

What I do about the ones that still sound good is almost entirely arbitrary. Sometimes I buy them new. Sometimes I buy them used. Sometimes I request them from the library. But more often I put them onto a shopping or reading list.

I have at least five lists (two at Amazon, one on my blog, one in my online library account, and another in my Inspiration Notebook). I rarely end up reading the books that go onto these lists. That’s sad, too, but there’s just not enough time to read every book that sounds interesting.

I wish I had a better means of deciding which ones I ought to own and which ones aren’t even worth the time to read.

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