I Can Do This

I already feel the panic creeping in. Christmas is coming, and I just know I won’t be ready for it. I have so many things to do before the holiday. I’d hardly have enough time if I were on the ball, and I’m not even close to being on the ball. I’m constantly struggling against my own inertia, and not very effectively.

But, as I have to always tell myself, “Just do something!” Even if you can’t do everything, even if you feel like you’re being squashed beneath the weight of your unfinished tasks, you can do one small thing. So all you have to do is pick one small thing and get it done. When you’re done with that one, pick another, and then another. Create a cascade of positive, forward motion. If you’re lucky, it will carry you through some of the bigger, more difficult tasks.

So today I’m going to work on small tasks. I will put in Livia’s book order, fold the laundry, send a few necessary e-mails, wash the hand-washables, make a grocery list, etc. Nothing difficult. Nothing terribly time-consuming. One thing at a time.

My mantra: I can do this.

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  1. sprite says:

    You can! I believe in you!

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