After Thanksgiving

On this day after Thanksgiving, I am thankful for having survived the holiday. We spent the day with my in-laws and managed to get through the whole thing with no political beefs. I also finally managed to get my parents on the phone. Having been out of contact with them for a few weeks, I am relieved to know they’re alive and well (though perhaps a little chillier than usual) at their new place in Vermont.

Today is also the day to get serious about Christmas prep. My main goal for the afternoon is to make a list of all the things I have to do (i.e., the bare minimum), plus all the things I want to do (i.e., the extra touches that will make the holidays more fun), as well as the deadline for each item on the list. These days nothing gets done without a list, so making a list is always the first thing on the list 😉

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