An Inescapable Truth

We have two breadboxes, but we rarely use them. The problem is that what goes into the breadboxes tends to stay in the breadboxes until, with a shiver of horror, we recall that it is there and realize that it’s probably moldy. As a consequence, no one wants to open those Pandora’s boxes. We never know what horrible things we might find lurking in there.

So we store bread and other assorted dry foods in the microwave instead. The microwave is larger, so more food fits in it. More importantly, in order to use the microwave for microwaving, we have to take all the stored food out. It’s terribly inconvenient, but the upshot is that the food ends up on the counter again, and we remember to eat it

It sort of boggles my mind. A breadbox is such a good idea in theory. It ought to be great. And the microwave is such an inconvenient storage area that it ought to be bad, but it’s partly the very inconvenience of it that makes it good.

The inescapable truth is that life refuses to be neat and orderly, no matter how many boxes you have.

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