Talking to Myself

We have to talk about our book problem.

OK. I’m listening.

We have too many books.

Define too many.

More books than fit on the shelves.

By that definition, I concede we may have one or two more than is convenient.

Quite a few of them are unread.


So you’re storing books that you might not even like, and buying more books without having read the ones you already paid for, and borrowing from the library when you have perfectly good books at home. Do you see any problems with that approach?

No. I must have them on hand because at any moment I might get into the perfect mood to read them!

But even if you were to stop acquiring books right now, it would probably take you three years to read all the unread books.

Really? That long?



Yeah. So what are we going to do about it?

Order more books!

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