Thankful, Happy, Disappointed, Surprised, & Nostalgic

Today I am feeling . . .

  • Thankful that my work computer is now up-to-date and virus-free. Yesterday the antivirus was malfunctioning so badly that I turned the computer off rather risk a virus running amok on it.
  • Happy to have started work early and accomplished so much.
  • Disappointed that the temperature outside didn’t get high enough to melt the ice off the driveway. I was able to clean the car off, but the driveway is still frozen solid and super slick. It was too dangerous to drive on, so I couldn’t take Livia to her crafting class today.
  • Surprised that my hubby’s storm prep didn’t include buying sand or deicing stuff. Next time I will remind him.
  • Nostalgic for the ’80s. My husband has been listening to ’80s music as he works on the great room. Sometimes I go in there and dance in front of the fireplace.
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