Don’t Ignore the Stranger

Months ago, my husband installed a backup directory on my computer. He told me to move my personal files into that directory so that they’d get backed up, but I never did. Not until yesterday, that is, after reading a newspaper article about how everyone ought to back up their files because every hard drive is destined to fail.

My hubby questioned why I didn’t listen to him and only set things up properly after being reminded by the newspaper. It’s because when a loved one tells you to do something totally reasonable, such as back up your files, you know that they’re right. It just doesn’t feel like a pressing issue, so you push it off. But when a stranger unexpectedly warns you about something that you already know to be true, you should take heed. If you ignore them, and then things play out exactly as they predicted, you will remember their warning always, and with regret. In hindsight, you’ll see how that moment was a turning point and how you screwed up. This is a lesson I have learned the hard way. Don’t ignore the stranger!

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