That Can Wait

The shower is the perfect place to think random thoughts. Today, as I washed my hair, I was thinking about how easy it is prioritize when dealing with the world’s problems (i.e., things that are not within your power to change), but how it’s hard to prioritize when it comes to your own life (i.e., things you can indeed control). The farther we get away from our own personal concerns, the easier it is to be objective and the wiser our decisions are likely to be.

As I was having this thought, Livia came into the bathroom to ask me a question that she insisted could not wait until I got out of the shower. So I asked her what the problem was. She replied, “Can I make some photocopies using your printer?”

Really? That was the thing that couldn’t wait? It was so ridiculous that I didn’t even get mad at her. Since the average adult is hardly any better at deciding what’s urgent and what’s isn’t, how could I expect a child to know better? But, because I want her to learn better, I made her wait for the answer to her question until I got out of the shower!

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