Trying to Save a Few Bucks

I cancelled my New York Times newspaper delivery. I had fallen behind on doing the crossword, and I was bad (really bad!) about tipping the delivery people. Plus, it was taking up a lot of time every week to go through the papers, and I hated how much paper I was putting into recycling. So, as badly as it hurt (because I will now be missing the Sunday Magazine, which is my favorite part), I switched to the digital subscription. This change will save us hundreds of dollars every year and ease my conscience in many ways, while also allowing me to continue supporting the news media. It was the right thing to do.

I also lowered our Netflix subscription. We get DVDs/Blu-rays (for my husband) and he returns them so infrequently that he might as well cancel the subscription and buy whichever movies he wants to see. We’ve talked about doing exactly that, but nothing has come of it. So, in the meantime, I changed the subscription to three discs per month, which ought to be enough for him, and the change saves us $$ per year.

I am contemplating giving up my Amazon unlimited music streaming in favor of Spotify, which my hubby and I can share for less money. But as much as I hate Amazon for being evil, I love their streaming service, which gives me access to nearly all of the music I’ve ever bought from them (ever!) plus anything that’s available for streaming. It’s so awesome, I just don’t know if I can make the switch, even if it will save us $$ per year

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