Weekend Rhymes

On Saturday my husband reminded me that there was a limerick contest that I had wanted to enter. The deadline was Sunday. So, as crazy as it may sound, I spent much of my weekend writing limericks.

Busy as I was with that, I did not go shopping or clean my house or pay much attention to the children (sorry, kids!). But, on the bright side, the experience taught me a few things about how to work on rhymes. I’ve never felt quite comfortable doing all my writing on the computer, or doing all of it on paper, but working back and forth was also awkward. This weekend, because I was so determined to meet the contest deadline, I forced myself to find a balance. I used paper for jotting down rough ideas and making lists of words that I might use for rhymes. On the computer, I used Scrivener to turn those jottings into rough drafts and to edit them, and I kept tabs on my web browser open to the dictionary, the thesaurus, a rhyming resource, and a search engine for research, as needed.

I ultimately submitted six limericks. My hubby gave them his stamp of approval and encouraged me to submit them all, even the political ones because, as he reminded me, I had nothing to lose. I don’t know if any of them are good, but I am proud of the last one. I think it’s sweet and upbeat, and who knows? Maybe it will win me a dictionary.

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  1. sprite says:

    That is totally awesome! I’m so proud of you!

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