There Are Lines, and There Are Lines

Quote of the day:

I hope it starts pouring. I don’t want to get soaked. I just want everyone to stay away!

—Spoken by the cart-return guy at the local grocery store

Thanks to Stop & Shop’s labor strike, our local grocery store was a mob scene today. It would seem that the people in my town prefer to wait in lines rather than cross picket lines. That’s laudable, I have to say, but I also agree with the cart-return guy. I wish everyone would stay away. Our local grocery store is horrifically expensive. Those of us who shop there regularly do so because it’s convenient. Take away the convenience and the prices are unbearable, and today the extra shoppers spoiled the convenience. I know those shoppers had to go somewhere. I just wish it hadn’t been there!

I’m no expert on S&S or on labor unions, but it sounds to me like S&S posted massive profits then tried to cut their workers’ pay and benefits. That’s unfair, and though it may have become par for the course in the Profits-Over-People economy that our government is currently sponsoring, it’s still wrong. Very wrong.

As a child, I remember going to S&S with my mother. As an adult, I have shopped in S&S and Giant stores in many places over the years. Though I shop at a variety of stores, S&S is where I go for my big grocery shopping trips. But I will give the chain up if they can’t treat their employees better. Really, I have no patience left for this kind of bullshit. Just a little farther down the road are Target, Whole Foods, Aldi, Market Basket, Seabra, and others. Don’t make me have to go there!

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