Thoughts This Morning

At 35+ pages, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is not coming off so well. As I was reading last night, much of the text sounded familiar (probably because I’ve seen the BBC adaptation of the original story many times), but that made the added parts feel jarring. The zombie scenes were gory, but over quickly, and they had so little effect on the characters that it was awkward. Lizzie was blood-thirsty (she wanted to kill Darcy the first time she met him), which was odd and unnecessary. Also, and I can’t be sure of this, having not read the original text in years, but the story seemed to be abbreviated, which may have contributed to the inconsistent flow. This is something I could check, since I own the original work, and perhaps I will. Meanwhile, I’ll give the zombie version a few more chapters, but I’m not optimistic.

If I have to give up on the zombies, that’s OK. I have a huge stack of books waiting to be read, plus three more at the library that are waiting for me to pick them up.

On the work front, I have a deadline coming up. I had been well on target to finish on time, so I let my inner perfectionist have her way. Bad idea. Now the first 30 pages of the issue are perfect, but there are still 90 pages to check and I’m down to my last two days. Yikes!

On the home front, next week is the kids’ last week of school. Livia will be moving on to 3rd grade, and Marshall to 5th!

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