Marshall lost a tooth earlier this month. It was probably his last baby tooth. The Tooth Fairy is sad.

It’s utterly ridiculous that “sanguine” means “optimistic” and also “bloody/bloodthirsty.” If, for example, your coworker said he was feeling sanguine about an upcoming meeting, would that mean he was feeling good about it or planning a massacre? You’d like to be certain about something like that, right?

I’m irritated to find that my given name has become a slang term for a disagreeable woman. I mean, I am a disagreeable woman, but not in the way the word suggests.

Joe Hill recently tweeted, “I learned from crosswords that the maddening blanks in one’s life can be filled in. It requires patience, humor, a willingness to consider skewed possibilities . . . and the humility to ask for help if you need it. Often that’s all you need to puzzle things out: on & off the page.” I liked the sentiment, so I didn’t point out that it’s somebody’s job to make sure that the puzzles are solvable.

I was relieved to read online recently that it’s perfectly normal to read a book and then completely forget it. In fact, the article said that unless you deliberately read a text multiple times, odds are that it will disappear almost entirely from your head. I would tell you more about it, except I’ve already forgotten the rest, of course.

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