Continuing the Catalog

Here are some more flowers I’ve seen recently during my walks.

I’m always amazed by how perfect the seedheads look before the wind tears them apart. I also saw some dandelion flowers, but they were a little ragged looking. I guess blooming out of season will do that to a flower. Most dandelions bloom during the spring.

Late September was perhaps a little late in the season for chicory, and I didn’t find very many photo-worthy specimens. This picture will have to suffice, or the one I posted in my Farewell to Summer post.
Spotted Knapweed

Spotted knapweed is an invasive plant. The area where I took this picture has been taken over by the plant. It’s not very attractive en masse. I don’t welcome it to the neighborhood, but I do welcome it to my catalog, because the individual flowers are pretty and purple.
Queen Anne’s Lace

The Queen Anne’s lace was also past its peak when I took this picture. There were still some blooming, but most of them had closed up shop. The seadheads are beautiful, too, though.
Bird’s-Foot Trefoil

I usually find bird’s-foot trefoil growing in the grass near the library. I’ve never seen it growing along the trail or this late in the year. I guess this one’s a little bit of a rebel.

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