Keeping my bedroom tidy hasn’t been as difficult as I had worried it would be. With the exception of Christmas Day, I’ve made the bed every day since we moved back into the room. As tempted as I sometimes am to leave clothes lying around, I keep forcing myself to put them away or throw them in the hamper. I’ve even dusted and vacuumed the room several times.

My hubby also seems to be enjoying the clutter-free zone and is doing his part to keep it that way. On Christmas, when he saw that I hadn’t made the bed, he straightened up the comforters himself. On another day he said, “You know what’s ruining the Zen feeling for me? The credit card and receipt you left on the dresser.” I replied, “You’re right, and also the little pile of tools you left on your shelf.” Next day the credit card, receipt, and tools were gone. Neat!

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