Bed Art

Now that the children are home all the time, they see me making the bed every day, and they’ve taken an interest in it. It astounds them that the pillows are stacked on the ottoman in the morning. They don’t understand why I remove the pillows from the bed at night. They cannot fathom the concept of having pillows purely for decoration. But they are fascinated by the decorative possibilities.

One day, I made the bed in an unusual way, with the pillows stacked up and Tiggy perched atop them. The kids asked if I’d let Daddy make the bed. Ha-ha!

But it inspired them. They started wanting to arrange the pillows or, as Marshall put it, to make “bed art” (OMG, why didn’t I think to call it that?). When Marshall arranges the pillows, first he throws them onto the bed, a process which he calls “preparing the canvas.”

Here is today’s masterpiece.

Bed Art
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